Meet AndrΓ© AmigΓ©r aka Mr. Bounce Back
3X Stroke Survivor, Music Producer
ReDesigning Education &
Changing the World Thru Music

Co-Founder of Responsible ARTistry, Inc.
Responsible ARTistry Studios


Educator ~ Teaching Artist
3X Stroke Survivor
Sound Designer
Music Producer

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Snapshots of The Journey

I am a Co-Author in "The Impact of Influence" Vol. 2. Click on the book below to Pre-Order your copy.

We all have been impacted by amazing influences in our lives. We create an everlasting ripple effect by learning lessons from those that have impacted us. When we apply those lessons, we are able to make our world a better place.

The Impact of Influence Vol. 2, Using Your Impact to Create a Life of Influence is overflowing with wisdom from visionary author, Chip Baker, and 18 other powerful influencers who have discovered their paths to success. We are influencing many and impacting generations. The inspirational stories within the pages of this book will inspire you to make a positive difference for those around you.

This empowering compilation highlights men that have faced challenges head on, learned from them and pulled the blessings from the lessons. They now impact our world in an amazing way.

πŸ“— Interviews for TIOI Vol2

  • πŸ“— Interview w/Rodney Freeman,

  • Saturday, Aug 14 Β· 10–11 PM

  • πŸ“— Interview w/Pierre Evans Sunday, Aug 15 Β· 2–3 PM

  • πŸ“— Interview w/Chris Holmes

  • Thursday, Aug 19 Β· 5:30–6:30 PM

  • πŸ“— Interview w/Sugar Ray

  • Sunday, Aug 29 Β· 4–5 PM

  • πŸ“— Interview w/Coach Erika Love Thursday, Sep 2 Β· 9:30–10:30 PM

  • πŸ“— Interview w/Coach Erika Love Sunday, Sep 5 Β· 9:30–10:30 PM

  • πŸ“— Interview w/Abraham Sculley

  • Monday, Sep 6 Β· 5–6 PM

  • πŸ“— Interview w/Gigi Sabbat Walk With Me Podcast, Tuesday, Sep 7 Β· 4–5 PM

  • πŸ“— Interview w/Kenneth Wilson Monday, Sep 13 Β· 10–11 PM

  • πŸ“— Interview w/Dom Brightmon Thursday, Sep 30 Β· 10:15–11:15 PM

  • πŸ“— Interview w/Michelle P. Jones, Thursday, Oct 14 Β· 7–8 PM

Produced - Mixed - Mastered by
Mr. Bounce Back